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IAMOT is a dynamic hub of scholarly excellence at the forefront of advancing knowledge in the field of MOT. Our members are distinguished by their extensive research contributions, addressing critical challenges and pioneering advancements in innovation and technology management.


This way, IAMOT intention is to incentivize rigorous investigations that explore the evolving intersections of technology and management, providing invaluable insights that shape academic discourse and industry practices alike.  With a commitment to both theoretical rigor and practical impact, the members of IAMOT actively guides the next generation of leaders and contributes to the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and technology management.

In our research mission of enhancing its quality and dissemination, we endorse the following MOT journals amongst outlets in other fields that that have significant contributed to technology management and innovation literature:


Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Research Policy

Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Journal of Product Innovation Management

Research Technology Management

R&D Management

Technology Analysis & Strategic Management

IEEE Engineering Management Review

International Journal of Technology Management 

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management

Journal of Engineering and Technology Management

Journal of Operations Management 

Journal of Management Studies

Harvard Business Review

MIT Sloan Management Review 

California Management Review

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