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Brave Smart World:
Capabilities and Ecosystems for innovation

PhD Colloquium
29 - 30 April, 2023
The Conference
01 - 04 May, 2023

After conference information
The IAMOT 2023 Conference was a huge success!
Thanks to your engagement, we’ve had a great time in Porto Alegre during the days of the event!

Now that the conference is over, we have a few pieces of information to announce that may be relevant:


Conference certificates are available in three categories: Participation/presentation, Reviewer, and Session Chair (depending on the roles you played in the conference).
Request yours to


Abstracts/papers that were registered for the conference have been published in the conference proceedings (ISBN: 978-65-00-80827-8). 

Conference proceedings download

Fast-track/Special Issue

The full papers recommended for submission to the partner journals have already been selected, and the authors have been duly notified via email.

It's important to note that this recommendation to the journals does not imply mandatory publication. The editorial teams of each journal will collaborate with the authors throughout the review process.

The conference’s email is still active (

Please contact us in case of any further assistance.

Official Videos

Conference Theme

"Brave Smart World: Capabilities and Ecosystems for Innovation"

The Conference encompasses the latest trends and contributions from research in science, technology and innovation, emphasizing the "smart world", where the interaction between knowledge and technology is promoted. The IAMOT 2023 Conference will, precisely, address these issues from the most diverse perspectives of ongoing research in the four corners of the world.

The ongoing digital revolution, coupled with the proliferation of new, increasingly intelligent business models, irreversibly imbricates new technologies (IoT, AI, industry and agro 4.0, service, bigdata, blockchains, marketplaces, apps, etc. ), ventures (startups, innovation hubs and ecosystems, venture capital funds and even traditional companies), and policies (for resilience, social inclusion, sustainability, education, science and technology, etc.). We all aim for more innovative and wealthy societies.


The event will be an opportunity for researchers and managers from around the world and, in particular, from Brazil and Latin America to gather and participate in the international discussion of Policy and Management of Technology and Innovation.

This edition of the IAMOT Conference will serve as a showcase for the innovation ecosystems of the city of Porto Alegre and other Brazilian cities.

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