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IAMOT's mission centers on cultivating scholarly contributions that significantly influence the field. Through rigorous research, we delve into the intricate interplay between technology and management, unearthing insights that not only address current challenges but also proactively anticipate the complexities of the future. Collaborating closely with industry leaders, our association actively shapes the academic discourse, contributing innovative solutions and guiding scholarly thought toward strategies that optimize technology integration and elevate organizational effectiveness.

Our academic impact resonates far beyond the confines of research journals, extending into the practical domain where our findings inspire strategic decisions. By bridging theory and application, we empower businesses to responsibly adopt cutting-edge technologies, fostering an innovative culture that propels them to new heights. Committed to advancing the academic frontier, our association remains steadfast in driving positive, enduring change that influences industries, shapes scholarly perspectives, and elevates the global conversation on technology management and innovation.

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