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Become a Member of Our Technology Management Organization

​IAMOT membership offers access to cutting-edge research on technology and innovation management, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. Once signed-in, a member has access to: 

  • Proximity with world-wide specialists in the MOT field.

  • Close interaction with peers during the annual and regional conferences.

  • Access to all information posted on our website, which contains current information on the field of Management of Technology from all over the world.

  • Possibility to post announcements on the website related to MOT.

  • Priority status in receiving reports and publications sponsored by IAMOT.

  • Participating in an Association which supports research and application projects worldwide, in cooperation with government or private organizations or on its own initiative, an association that encourages education in the field of Management of Technology and acts as an information resource center in the field.

Categories of membership

Full member

  1. Must possess appropriate academic qualifications in the form of relevant degrees at the B.S. M.Sc,  or Ph.D. level, recipe, and be approved by the Executive Council (EC).

  2. Must have at least five years of industry, academic, or research experience in MOT, as evidenced by significant contributions to engineering, management, research, publication, research reports, and other research activity.

  3. Shall have all the privileges of membership, including participating in IAMOT General Meetings.

  4. Shall be a voting member and eligible for holding any office in IAMOT.

Student member

  1. Shall have provided documentary evidence of being enrolled as a graduate student in a relevant field.

  2. Shall have an active interest in MOT and the application of MOT research outcomes in the industry.

  3. Shall have all the privileges of membership, including participation in the IAMOT General Meeting.

  4. Shall not be a voting member and be ineligible to hold any office in IAMOT.

Affiliate members (soon)

  1. Shall be a member of an IAMOT chapter or a member of an MOT-related organization.

  2. Membership in this category is subject to agreement between IAMOT and the MOT-related organization, whereby an affiliate member would have the same privileges as a full IAMOT member, with the exception of voting right and receiving IAMOT official journal(s).

Honorary member (soon)

  1. Shall be a recipient of a Certificate of Recognition as defined in VI.2 and not a member of IAMOT (in the event that the recipient is already a member, he or she shall retain his or her current membership status).

  2. Shall have all the privileges and rights of a (Full) Member.

  3. Shall not be required to pay any annual membership dues but is encouraged to do so on a voluntary basis.

Membership plans

  • Full member

    Every year
  • Student member

    Every year
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